“Outside the touch of time”

So far I have always said, Sorry No! , to requests to do portraits. I have always thought, That´s not my thing/that´s not what I am about.
But when I got a polite question from a family dad if I would consider painting his kids, with complete artistic freedom to do what I wanted, I thought, What the heck, why not!
And I am glad I did! It was fun,and the kids were great models.

So here is
“Outside the touch of time”

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“A message of distress (Rørviknipa)”


Much of my work deals with my feelings and thoughts about the choices humanity takes, the impact it has on nature and life around us, and our future.

Sometimes these greedy choices come to close for comfort.

I grew up close to this fjord (Førdefjorden-painting above).Now the Norwegian government will allow Nordic Mining to remove a mountain in the hunt for rutile, and deposit large parts of mining tailings in a submarine disposal in the fjord.

More about this sad tale here:

Førde fjord – a dumping ground for Norway’s mining industry?